100 Years after the Revolution. Unfulfilled Promises of a Gender/Queer Utopia and the New Post-Soviet Person

Lecture performance by Kvir Kosmonaftki Feministki – a tribute to Valentina Tereshkova

Free access to abortion, for everyone, anytime? Equal pay? Abolishing the heteronormative institution of marriage?

What might be your future, our dear Western comrades, is our past. 100 years after the storming of the Winter Palace the great-grandchildren of the October Revolution strike again, for we know where we came from! We invite you to join our heroine Valentina Tereshkova, first female cosmonaut, in her journey from the Russian Revoluton, to WWII, Stalin, space travel, queer sexy 90’s, Putin’s new Russia, to her exile in Gayropa.

Step-wise gaining rights, implementing reforms in revolutionary times: this fits neatly into the narrative of North/Western feminism; but take a look at the (Post) Soviet space, now and 100 years ago? The narrative of progress and teleological development of human rights and gender equality: challenged by post-structuralist critics and post-colonial theorists alike; Now it’s our turn to start the time machine, bend the spacetime event horizon and send you on a cosmic ride back to the utopic future that has never came to pass.

1917: the new Soviet person was created; to spread the socialist revolution around the world. 100 years later, deemed as political propaganda, Post-Sovietia is eager to forbid any kind of propaganda, especially the one of the homosexual kind. Dreaming the wet dream of traditional culture; trying to dispose of the queer criminal elements, so they might not infect minors with homosexualism and gender diseases. The queer propagandists of Post-Sovieta finds an exile in the safe haven of today’s Vienna, jointly and happily building a queer home base. If only history was done by the book. If only Western promises was true…